Products           Process Monitoring Systems for Assembling and Testing Operations 

Most assembling operations today require a process-integrated, comprehensive monitoring of all relevant quality
parameters to ensure that every single process is carried out within the predetermined target band, and that the
desired quality criteria are met. Typical applications include press-fit assembling, riveting, clinching, or general test
processes which are being monitored 100% by means of e. g. force vs. travel or torque vs. crank angle measurements.
A good process is given when the measured signals have reached certain end values, have passed through defined
control windows, or fit into tight envelope bands

Our modular system was especially designed for the requirements of the assembling and testing industry offering

a number of  unique performance features including:

    • capable to monitor up to 128 processes in 1 single system
    • entirely modular in design
    • for synchronous and asynchronous processes
    • memory for up to 256 measuring programs

      (programs can be memorized and modified by the end user)

    • combine monitoring windows and envelopes as desired
    • high resolution and fast cycle rates even at speeds in excess of 2000 processes/minute!
    • stop signal reaction in less than 1 ms

    • tool protection and tool monitoring

    • comprehensive documentation software
    • networkable with factory data collection systems
    • very simple to use

Typical applications include:

    • press-fitting

    • assembling

    • clinching including monitoring of the resulting bottom thickness

    • rivetting operations

    • flanging 

    • bending and rolling

    • general testing 

    • etc. 

The assembling monitoring system consits of the following components:
    • networkable monitoring moduls SK 100
    • visualization and operating terminal SK 6 oder SK 8
      (can also be perfomred via an external PC or via a suitable machine control unit)   
    • sensors (force, travel, pressure, torque, acoustic emission, motor load, crank angle, etc.)
    • documentation software for 100 % traceability of process parameters

Our monitoring modules offer networking capability as a standard feature, and allow to monitor up to 128 separate

processes with a single system including archiving of all process parameters for 100 % process documentation and
product traceability.

Flexible monitoring windows

  Up to 16 measuring windows can be activated for each
  monitored process. Each window can be defined and
  monitored with the following parameters:
  • position of the window
  • tolerance limits for force and travel values
  • direction of how the signal must enter or exit the set window 
  • measured value inside window
    (max, min, average value, or turning point)
  • mathematical relations between several moniotred values

Combines dynamice envelope monitoring and window techniques

   Every measuring window can be monitored by using our
   proven envelope technique with dynamic envelope bands and
   self-teaching. This ensures particularly sensitive and precise
   monitoring results for critical process phases. Our unique “wart
   technique” can be applied for detecting very small process
   Fixed signal shapes can be monitored precisely by means of
   our "polygone envelope" which is easily set on the graphic
   operating screen. 

Get in touch with us. We will gladly discuss your particular application in detail and suggest the right solution for your
requirement and budget.

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