Products           Connecting SK-go!® and CAQ for more efficient and less costly SPC measurements

The usual SPC inspections (staistical process control) in high volume manufacturing typically take place within prescribed
firm time intervals. Whether the machine has at all produced in this time frame is normally not of interest. In addition, there is
no indication given at the machine when the next SPC measurement will be due. This leads to a situation where SPC measurements are either conducted without being due, performed too late, or totally forgotten. 

We have interfaced our  SK-go!® production data recording system with several leading CAQ-systems which ensures that SPC 

measurements are only triggered off when they are really due. It is no longer the elapsed time since the last inspection, but it's

the true machine running time or produced quantity as recorded by SK-go!® which initiates the next SPC inspection. 

The machine operator will automatically get a message popping up on the screen of his machine terminal when the next 

inspection is required. If the SPC measurement is not performed within a certain time frame, or if the recorded measurements

are out of tolerance, the machine can even be stopped automatically if desired. Only another good SPC inspection will free the

machine up again. This compulsory procedure guarantees that all SPC measurements only take place when required, and 

therefore are done in the most economical way. A combined documentation chart which shows the machine up/down-time 

graphs and the times of SPC checks can be recalled at the push of a button.

 The SK-go!® data interface is available for the CAQ-systems of Babtec, Böhme & Weihs, FASTDEV, Quipsy and QSC.

SPC pop-up window at machine terminal reminds  the
operator that the next inspection is due
Combined documentation of  machine up/down time chart and performed SPC inspections

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