Products            Process Monitoring Systems for Cold and Hot Forming Machines

Process monitoring systems today are considered an integral part of every cold and hot forming
operation when producing parts such as fasteners, spark plugs, bearings, shafts, and other
formed specials. The process monitors ensure a consistent and uniform quality of the parts
produced and protect machine and tooling against overload damage even at extremely high production speeds.

Process monitoring system from Schwer + Kopka today are working on every continent and on every possible type of cold and hot forming machine from every machine builder. Please browse through our application examples to get a first hand impression of the scope of installations.

We offer suitable process monitoring units for all the different types of machines that are used in the production of formed parts such as:
- single and double blow cold headers
- ball headers
- rotary die headers
- 2-die/3- or 4-blow cold headers
- multi die cold formers
- Boltmakers
- semi-hot and hot formers
- flat die thread rolling machines
- rotary and segmented die thread rolling machines
- tapping machines (thread cutting)
- trimming presses
- pointing machines
- flanging machines
- secondary operation machines (turning, drilling, etc.)

Many machine builders are offering our process monitoring systems as factory fitted options on new and rebuilt machines

Our new hybrid sensing technology (patent pending) offers exciting new views into machine and tool set-up and can be used as assistance tool for repeatable and accurate tool set-ups.