Products           Electrician and Maintenance Training Seminar

Seminar goal:

Learn how to locate defects, analyze errors, and troubleshoot process monitoring systems yourself.

From the content:

General system layout. Functional explanantion of all components involved.
  • sensors for force and acoustic emission
  • signal conditioning with amplifiers
  • timing systems and timing sensors
  • wiring the components of the system
  • power supply and voltages
  • main monitoring unit  (keys, screen, touch)
  • basic setting of process program parameters 
  • machine interface (relais functions,electrical wiring)
  • optional features

Practical exercises: 
  • measure and adjust supply voltages
  • measure and analyze sensor signals
  • error search and fault analysis 
  • set and control basic parameters
  • memorize and re-load parameter sets for different applications


Works electricians and emplyees involved in plant maintenance

Seminar cost:

EURO 455,00 for the first participant
EURO 360,00 for the second and further participants from the same company .
The cost are per participant and are subjet to VAT at the current rate.
Training material and refreshments are included as well.

All trainees will receive a training certificate.

Dates for 2011: please switch to German language to see the schedules dates.

The training seminars will be conducted on the given dates at both of our training facilities in Weingarten and in Hilden.
We reserve the right for alterations/cancellations.

Due to continuously high demand we recommend you to request your seminar reservation as soon as possible.
Alternatively, we are also offering in-house seminars at your factory. Please enquire.

For our international clients, we recommend to contact the local SK representative in your country and check the
training programs on offer.