Products           Connecting SK-go!® with your ERP system ensures uniform data processing 

Our  SK-go!® data networking system offers ready-to-go interfaces to exchange information for many ERP-Systems.  
This covers import and export of data. In addition, SK-go!® features an open standard data interface which can easily be
configured to work with any individually programmed or customized ERP package.

All scheduled and released jobs, as imported from your ERP system, are immediately transferred by SK-go!® to the data
terminal of the respective machines where they are added to in the job-to-do-list. From that, the operator selects the job
he has to start. A separate bar code scanning or manual entry of the job number is not required which eliminates data
"graveyards" often associated with manual keyboard entries. All running production data such as uptimes, downtimes,
down codes, or number of parts made are reported back to the ERP system at  presettable time intervals which finally
closes the data loop.

Amongst others, the following ERP-systems have been successfully interfaced with SK-go!®:
• abas
• APSdelta

• Catuno
• dtm


• Infor/Brain
• Navision
• Orgaplan

• proAlpha

• Sage bäurer

• TimeLine