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Training Seminars

Qualification through intensive and regular training of all involved personnel is a major prerequisite when it comes
to making the most of your advanced production equipment. Especially when introducing new technologies,
there is added need for supplementary explanation and training for the operators involved.

Our seminar programme offers a choice of different levels of training in respect to the depth of content,
the departments affected, and the type of manufacturing processes you have.

Please enquire to find out which program suits your needs best:

Operator training seminar "process monitors"
understanding the working principle of process monitors; how to use process monitors effectively
(available for metal forming, stamping , and assembling applications)

Electrician and maintenance seminar "process monitors"

understanding the working principle of all components 

(sensors, amplifiers, power supply, machine interface, monitoring logics, etc.); 

parameter setting; fault finding

User seminar MES-System SK-go!®

learning how to make use of all the different statistics and analysis functions; 

start and finish jobs; analyze job and machine performance; interpret down code statistics; create reports; etc.

MES training seminars are conducted individually by customer request. Please enquire.

Please note that making use of our training seminars also contributes to achieving the required level during your
certification process.

In addition to the seminars conducted at our training facilities, we also offer in house seminars at your place.
Please enquirye to obtain your quote.