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Customers value our comprehensive IT solution services when it comes to introducing the
SK-go!® factory data
networking system. We provide a full package from a single source: machine data terminals, IT hard and software,
networking technology, and data interface to main frame applications such as ERP or CAQ. 

Our services include:

  • machine data terminals with integrated count modules (manufactured by us)
  • group terminals
  • networkable count adapter for up 32 machines each
  • connection of all types of machines to the network including count pulses and cycle rates
  • machine terminals with integrated monitoring functions
  • ANDON information panels
  • server software (Microsoft Windows operating system / Interbase data base)
  • network management
  • conception and management of WLAN-network architecture
  • integration of existing personnel identification systems (e. g. RFID chips)
  • data interface to tool management systems
  • data interface to scales