Products           SK-go!® job scheduler

The SK-go!® job scheduler is a simple to use yet powerful instrument to make your job scheduling more effective. 

First of all, the machine work load chart and the machine capacity chart show you in detail how busy your machines 

currently are, and if you are about to miss any deadlines. If  you need to re-schedule a job, you can easily move it from 

one machine to another by using our comfortable drag & drop function. 

For an effective fine planning of your current jobs-to-do-list, you can filter and sort the list after different criteria, 

such as an optimized change-over sequence, or parts of similar size and dimension, or raw material, etc. . 

It is easy to establish your own filter and sorting criteria which are used to screen your jobs-to-do-list .

   Machine Work Load Chart
   This chart shows the current work load for each machine.  
   If  you use the job scheduler in conjunction with our data
   networking system, the job currently running on each machine
   is updating this chart on-line. 

   All late jobs are marked in red. Just click onto the job bar
   to pop up a window with all relevant job data and deadline

   Machine Capacity Chart
   The machine capacity chart shows for a selectable time frame
   if the observed machines are overloaded, or if they still have
   some capacity available.

   Job Distributor
   The jobs-to-do-list is at first filtered after initially important
   criteria such as material and tooling availablilty.  After that,
   you would screen the list further to sort e. g. after a optimized
   change-over-sequence, or after parts of similar dimensions.
   The filtering and sorting criteria which you apply are individually 
   defined by each user and kept in memory for future use.. 

   The remaining jobs after filtering and sorting are then
   distributed to the selected machines at the push of a button.
   You can use the drag&drop feature to move jobs around before
   finally closing your scheduling. After that, all allocated jobs are
   immediately transferred to the respective machine data
   terminals where they become listed on the terminal screen
   ready to be started.