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Our extensive and sophisticated range of equipment covers the entire range of industrial machine and tool monitoring. The heart of all systems is a high-performance digital signal processor developed in-house, which ensures reliable monitoring of process-relevant measurement signals even with the fastest production machines. Of course, all systems are MES ready and can be networked directly with central computer systems as machine terminals. With the optional OPC-UA data interface, the terminals are prepared for the future and can be integrated into various data acquisition tasks in the sense of Industry 4.0.

The monitors of the series SK 400 to SK 800 are characterized by an unusually simple, intuitive operation via touch-screens. With screen sizes from 7" to 15", a suitable system is available for all typical applications. All models are equipped with our proven Puzzlemaster expert system and the Mandonic automatic enveloper. Moreover, the units are available with the unique Mandon® technology. Mandon® is an intelligent system that uses the current process data to provide the machine operator automatically with logical recommendations and notes for improving quality and productivity. Furthermore, our Foxmatic monitoring technology is the only known method to detect errors within the envelope curves.

For a comprehensive documentation and traceability of process data, all monitoring systems transfer the necessary data for archiving to our PTO 4.0 system.

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OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) is the data exchange standard for a secure, reliable, manufacturer- and platform-independent industrial communication. OPC-UA makes data from a wide variety of technical systems within a company available to everyone and thus fulfils a fundamental prerequisite for the realisation of Industry 4.0.

Our MES software SK-go!® and the current MES machine terminals support this standard and allow platform-independent communication with other data acquisition systems in the company. With the help of the compact OPC-UA box, our MES terminals and monitoring systems are easily networked with other systems via this universal communication standard. The OPC-UA box with integrated microcontroller converts the information from the MES terminals into the OPC-UA data format.

Today, many companies already require that upcoming technical investments must fulfil the OPC-UA standard.