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As part of an MES installation, the system architecture must primarily be determined. A database server for archiving the collected information must be integrated into the company network. This is usually done via virtual servers, which run for example in an ESX environment and represent an independent system. The server must be able to communicate with other relevant systems such as ERP, CAQ and others.

The protocol connection to the machine can be created via physical network cabling or through WLAN connections. In most cases, suitable MES terminals are used for communication with the machine, which form the interface between the machine and MES. Protocols such as TCP/IP or OPC-UA are used by the MES software to establish communication between the various participants.

If all desired machine data is stored centrally on the MES server, the horizontal integration into the existing IT landscape must take place. The systems to be connected, such as ERP and CAQ, are linked to MES via special interfaces. In this case, data is usually exchanged bi-directionally.