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The MES software SK-go!® offers ready-to-use interfaces for the import and export of order and machine usage data for all common ERP applications. Via a standard interface that can be parameterised, SK-go!® can be easily connected to other ERP solutions, including those programmed to customer specifications.

The system immediately transfers scheduled and released orders to the screens of the machine terminals. The machine operator selects and starts the required order directly from the displayed work list. A separate barcode scanning or manual entry of the order number is not necessary. This avoids data graveyards that can arise from incorrect manual entries. All production data is reported directly to the ERP system at selectable time intervals. They close the data loop between production and the planning level.

SK-go!® has field-proven interfaces to the following ERP systems:


Interfaces for data exchange with existing CAQ systems link the runtimes of the machines from MES with the required SPC inspection intervals. They ensure that the SPC inspections are carried out at the prescribed sampling intervals. On the MES terminal, the machine operator is reminded of the due inspection and cannot forget it. On the other hand, unnecessary inspections that are not yet pending, for example because of machine downtime, are avoided. Optionally, the machine can be stopped automatically in case of missing or incorrect inspections.

Common data entries in MES and CAQ, such as the registration and cancellation of orders, can be centralised so that they only have to be entered once.

SK-go!® has field-proven interfaces to the following CAQ systems: